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Heavy Oil Products and Lubricants

Speich Oil Inc, carries many types of heavy oil products and lubricants in our location and for delivery.

We carry only top quality products in catergories such as:

• Heavy Oil
• Cutting Oil
• Industrial Oil
• Motor Oil
• Farm Equipment Oil
• Tubes of Grease

• Pails of Grease
• 2.5 gal and 5 gal Diesel Exhaust Fluid
• 30 gal and 55 gal Drums of Oil
• Quarts of Oil
• Machine Oils
• Hydraulic Oil

Some products available in bulk and bulk storage equipment.

• KWPP Hydraulic Oil
• KWPP 15w-40
• Mobil Delvac 15w-40

• Shell Rotella T 15w-40
• Cigard 700 Syn Blend
• Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Please give us a call here at the office (608) 897-3366 or (866) 644-3835 and we can schedule a delivery or speak with you about the products we have.

Top Quality Oil and Lubricant Products

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